Waarschip 1010 LD

This boat is a commissioned bij Nautisch Centrum Delfzijl as sucessor to the classic Waarschip 1010. The long sleek hull and low profile have remained , but the rest is completely updated to the latest design knowledge. With a modest rig and an long slender hull this boat is less athletic compared to the Waarschip 700 LD. For people who want a pure sailing machine and don't need an extensive accommodation this is the perfect gentlemen's club racer and day sailer.   


The rig is 7/8th configuration with an efficient  fathead mainsail and no backstay. Both a conventional spinnaker as an asymmetric can be flown from the bow. The high aspect rudder is placed under the boat for maximum efficiency, control and feel. The keel is fitted in a trunk and can be removed for easy transport or winter storage.


Six large bunks with sitting headroom provide accommodation for shelter during a shower or for a short trip. A functional galley and separate toilet is installed. 

construction method

Like the Waarschip 700 LD the 10-10 will be build with a round bilge woodcore bottom for minimal resistance and less maintenance. 












LOA 10.10 DSPL 2650 Kg.
BOA 2.50 SA up 51.0 m2
Draft 1.95    



Tagrijn 1-2

9936 EZ, Delfzijl