Waarschip 700 LD

This was the first boat in a new generation of the well known Waarschip yard.

In the tradition of Waarschip this is be a sporty but well behaved boat. A healthy 55% ballast placed low in a bulb provides plenty of stability. The Waarschip 700 LD is far more stable than the usual sportsboat. This makes the boat ideally suitable for family and shorthanded sailing, you don't need a big an experienced race crew to handle her. Just a fun day out, or sailing a club race with 1 or 2 crew is all perfectly possible without a hassle.


The rig is 7/8th configuration with an efficient fathead mainsail and no backstay. Both a conventional spinnaker as an asymmetric can be flown from an optional sprit/pole. The rudder is placed under the boat for maximum efficiency, control and feel. The keel is fitted in a trunk and can be removed for easy transport or winter storage.


Four large bunks with sitting headroom provide accommodation for shelter during a shower or for the occasional sleepover. A chemical toilet can be installed and space is reserved for optional inboard propulsion.

construction method

The boat will be build in a third generation of Waarschip construction evolution.  Not only will most parts be CNC produced for more accuracy, the bottom will be build in epoxy woodcore sandwich. The main reason for this change is to take care of the large forces from the heavy bulb keel, secondary this solution gives slightly less resistance and a better protection of the underbody. From the waterline up all construction is traditional Waarschip craftsmanship with mahogany and ply, a boat you will be proud of to own.



WS 700LD  


ws 700 LD









LOA 7.00 DSPL 1150 Kg.
BOA 2.50 SA up 32.4 m2
Draft 1.55    



Tagrijn 1-2

9936 EZ, Delfzijl